Exercises for Kids in NYC

Quick, Easy Exercises for Kids

Need to get your kids moving? We’ve got some tips for getting them up off the couch and more active.

June 01, 2016 | HF Healthy Living Team

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that kids and teens get 60 minutes of physical activity a day. That’s one hour of energetic movement—enough to get their heart rates above normal.

Are your kids getting enough activity? We’ve got some easy, fun tips to help you get your kids moving in ways that don’t feel like exercise.

Make Chores Fun

Taking out the trash, sweeping the floor, and putting away the toys can be… fun? Yes, they can be! If you make chores into a game, your kids can get their exercise while learning how to be responsible too.

Encourage your kids to create a game out of their tasks by giving them a goal. For example, if they need to pick up their toys, tell them to pretend there’s a giant hole in the floor that’s growing, and they need to put away up as many toys as they can before the hole swallows everything up! See how fast chores get done when kids feel like they’re accomplishing something.

Stay Inside and Dance!

When it’s too hot (or too cold!) to go outside, your kids get their exercise by grooving to their favorite music. Start a dance party, have a dance-off, or have your kids come up with a dance routine all their own for a dance recital right at home. The key is to get them moving in ways that inspire them.

Kids can also enjoy other activities inside, like jumping jacks or spinning a hula hoop. If you’re in an apartment, just be mindful of your downstairs neighbor!

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Get Outside and Go!

There’s no better reason to get out and get some exercise than a nice day! Even if you’re not near a playground or green space, you can help your kids get in a workout by choosing a fun activity to do with them outside. Biking, skipping rope, playing tag, or just taking a long walk are all ways to get moving that don’t have to feel like exercise.

If your kids love playing sports or being part of a team, you can find free sports programs and clinics here and here.

Use Your Phone for Exercise

Exercise videos and routines don’t have to cost anything. If you search for “free exercise videos for smartphone,” there are plenty of results for all levels of ability. If you’re stuck at home, tune in to a free exercise video and watch as your kids have fun following along.

If you don’t have access to free exercise videos, you can get your kids moving even while watching TV by making a game of commercial breaks. For every commercial, see how many push-ups, jumping jacks, or yoga poses your kids can do.

Make Healthy Choices

Remember, even small choices add up! You can help your kids get in all the exercise they need by encouraging them to make smart choices throughout the day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Get off the subway one stop early. Walk instead of drive.

If you get creative with how you approach exercise, you can get your kids moving and their hearts pumping, plus put smiles on their faces.


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