Free Fitness Classes in all Five Boroughs

Find a free fitness class near you and watch your overall health improve with each new course.

September 07, 2017 | HF Healthy Living Team

Regular physical activity can improve your heart health, balance, and blood pressure and can decrease stress, prevent chronic health conditions like diabetes, and more.

Check out the variety of free fitness classes near you below and see if you can find a class you’d enjoy.

Manhattan Classes

  1. Afro-Caribbean Cardio
  2. Harlem Hospital Center
  3. Wednesdays, 7pm–8pm

Tighten, tone, and stretch in this dance-inspired fitness class for all levels.

  1. Beginner Yoga
  2. Asser Levy Recreation Center
  3. Thursdays, 12pm–1:15pm

New to yoga? Try this class and see if you can improve your balance and flexibility, and even reduce stress.

Bronx Classes

Exercise classes in the Bronx
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  1. Bilingual Zumba
  2. St. Mary’s Recreation Center
  3. Thursdays, 7pm–8pm

Dance through your workout with fast and slow rhythms to tone or just get in some cardio.

  1. High-Intensity Interval Training
  2. Justice Sonia Sotomayor Community Center
  3. Thursdays, 6pm–7pm

Try a total body exercise to build up your strength and improve your heart health.

Queens Classes

Exercise classes in Queens
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  1. Developmental Boot Camp
  2. St. James Episcopal Church
  3. Wednesdays, 6pm–7pm

Are you thinking of training for a fitness event? Whether you’re a beginner or a regular, this class might be good for you.

  1. Stretch and Flexibility/Estiramiento y Flexibilidad
  2. The Child Care of NYC-Early Learn Corona
  3. Mondays, 5pm–6pm

Try this open-level class and start to become more aware of your strength and flexibility.

Brooklyn Classes

Brooklyn Exercise Classes
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  1. Cardio House Party
  2. Weeksville Gardens Community Center
  3. Mondays, 6pm–7pm

Change up your routine with a fun cardio dance class to increase your flexibility and endurance.

  1. Chair Yoga
  2. RAICES Senior Center
  3. Wednesdays, 10:30am–11:30am

This senior-focused class allows older adults to incorporate the benefits of yoga, all from a chair.

Staten Island Classes

Staten Island Exercise Classes
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  1. Kettlebells with Darren
  2. Lyons Pool
  3. Thursdays, 6pm–7pm

Add in some cardio and build strong bones with a class focused on kettlebell training.

  1. Tai Chi
  2. Greenbelt Recreation Center
  3. Mondays and Fridays, 8pm–9pm

Tai chi is a form of moving meditation that has become increasingly popular over the years. See if this type of exercise is for you.

More Free Options this Month

Free Exercise Classes NY
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These events are mostly recurring and always free, so check out the schedule now to see what you can make. Find even more free classes in New York City today.

Want to see what exercise can do for your body and mind?
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