Five Ways to Beat Summer Boredom (And Stay Healthy Too!)

Trying to change up your summer routine? Check out these tips to keep your family happy and healthy.

August 07, 2018 | HF Healthy Living Team

Are your kids ready for summer break? For many families, this is the perfect time for relaxation, vacation and quality time. But for many others, it can slip by.

With summer in full swing, check out these five boredom busters to keep your family healthy and active.

Try New Outdoor Activities

Kick boredom to the curb by getting your kids involved with a new activity! The American Heart Association recommends kids get at least an hour of physical activity a day to help control weight, reduce blood pressure, raise good cholesterol, and more.

There are plenty of free summer sports and activities in NYC to get your kids started, plus summer camps that are sure to keep them busy.

If your kids don’t enjoy sports or can’t participate, you can also keep it simple and enjoy a walk in one of NYC’s local parks. Grab a blanket and spend the afternoon having a picnic. Don’t forget some healthy on-the-go snacks for your family to enjoy.

Experiment with Refreshing Drinks

Studies show that most Americans over four years old do not get enough fruits and vegetables or dietary fiber. One way to add more minerals and vitamins to your diet is through juicing or smoothies.

You can try making some fruit-infused water for a flavorful boost. Adding fruit to water helps avoid excess sugar absorption in the body, allowing room for more fiber and nutrients than traditional juices do.

Although juicing and smoothies can be healthy, precautions for certain medical conditions like diabetes should be taken. Be sure to speak to your doctor first. You can check out some juicing nutrition tips before getting started as well.

Pick Your Own Groceries

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Venture out to some of NYC’s farmers’ markets, and bring your kids along. Show them how to make healthy choices by example. You can even make it a little interesting by letting them pick out their favorite fruits and vegetables.

There are more than 20 year-round farmers’ markets across NYC. A quick text or the click of a button will turn up one in your area. Nutrition education workshops and community programs are also offered, with coupons for affordable access.

Start to Cook More

Don’t let those fresh fruits and vegetables go to waste. Try some healthy recipes this summer, and let your kids help. Start with something simple, and give your kids a rundown of the recipe.

It will get them excited about healthy options and help them learn where their food comes from. It can also teach them about sharing with their siblings and can improve math skills like measuring and counting.

Take Advantage of Free Events

You don’t need to spend a ton to enjoy the wonders of NYC. Check out some free entertainment for kids, like museums, outdoor theaters, zoos, and gardens, or head to a reading series.

Reading to your child can be one of the most important things you can do for their development. Luckily, NYC offers a variety of bookshops that include sing-alongs, book launches, and author appearances.

Try out these tips and avoid the dreaded “I’m bored,” sure to come up at some point this summer.

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