How to Travel on a Budget (and Stay Healthy too)

Trying to get out of New York City this summer? Take advantage of these quick tips to keep your travel budget down, without sacrificing your health.

July 26, 2017 | HF Healthy Living Team

Traveling with the whole family can be costly. We’re here to help you save money and make your trip easier so you can have a great, stress-free vacation.

Click the photos below to get some tips to keep your travel budget down, all while keeping the family in good health!

Take Note of
Low-Cost Transportation


After you pick a spot to go on vacation, make sure to take advantage of public transportation. Get in some exercise to save more money too! Rent bikes or pack some comfy sneakers to walk instead of drive when you get there.


Look into Free
Activities Beforehand


Many vacation spots have free activities for the whole family to enjoy. Take advantage of free activities like camping or hiking and let your children explore the outdoors and soak in the health benefits from nature.


Save on Food


Eating out for every meal can be expensive. If your hotel has kitchen space, cook instead. Cooking your food can help control portion size and keep weight down. Look for local farmers’ markets from which to pick up healthy daily snacks, and try to buy only breakfast or lunch out, since dinner is usually pricier.


Prepare for Emergencies


Kids can easily encounter danger, especially in a new place. Save some money and pack some band aids, necessary medicine, and more to safely travel for your health. You can visit your provider a few weeks beforehand to make sure your kids are healthy and ready to go too.


Make Room
for Down Time


Traveling can take a lot out of everyone, especially kids. If you have an active day, leave time to go back to the room and maybe squeeze in a nap or sleep early. Taking some breaks throughout your trip can help you save money too. Instead of spending on other activities, you’ll be getting in some needed rest.


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