Your NYC Summer Job Resource Guide

Whether you’re a college student, a teenager, or an adult looking to earn some extra money or gain skills, there are plenty of NYC summer job resources to explore.

May 03, 2017 | HF Healthy Living Team

Looking for a summer job? From internships to full-time opportunities, we have some tips and resources to help you or your teenager get started.

Build Up Your Resume

Before starting your job search, make sure your resume not only stands out from the crowd’s, but that it demonstrates all your abilities in the most accurate way. Most resumes get checked quickly, so you want to be clear in your objective, get straight to the point, keep down the length, and get rid of any typos.

NYC Small Business Services offers free classes throughout the five boroughs to help you create the resume that gets you the job. Don’t have time to go to a class? Check out these free templates and tips from the New York State Department of Health instead.

Don’t Limit Your Search, and Try to Relax

Don't Stress
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Feel as if you’re in the wrong job or aren’t following your passion? Curiosity about different subject areas (and trying some out) might pay off. If you do try one of those different jobs or internships, pay attention to your level of stimulation; it might lead you to a healthy work-life balance or to the discovery of a new passion.

Try attending a recruitment event in NYC to learn more about the many jobs opportunities there are, after which you can use this find a job feature to narrow your search. There are also jobs, internships, and fellowships in NYC government, where you can help make a difference, and much more.

And don’t let your job search get the best of you. It can be a stressful time, so try some of these easy tips to manage stress to help get through the process with peace of mind.

Prepare Your Teens and Recent Graduates

Life after graduation can often come with uncertainty about the future, but finding a job doesn’t have to weigh on you or your children.

While volunteering is beneficial, it’s important for kids to also learn the value of real work experience. Many colleges want to see work experience for teens, as they use this as a deciding factor in the selection process. Don’t forget to get your teen or teens signed up with working papers as well.

Summer Jobs for Teens
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You can help your kids get creative with their job choices too. If your teen is a great swimmer, encourage them to apply to some lifeguard jobs, for example. Also, check out some of the many seasonal job positions available in NYC. Your teen can even apply to some internships available at parks in subjects like education, art, marketing, recreation, and more.

Learn more about your rights as a worker and programs for kids during the summer, and find even more resources to help you get the job you want.


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