Five Ways to be a Wise Healthcare Consumer

Are you getting the most from your health insurance? Find out how to be a wise healthcare consumer with these tips.

February 13, 2018 | HF Healthy Living Team

February is Wise Healthcare Consumer Month, so we want to help you learn how to make smart choices about your healthcare. Taking an active role in your healthcare will help you live a longer and healthier life. Plus, it will help you keep medical costs down.

Check out these five ways to be a wise healthcare consumer.

Know Your Options

It’s important to pay attention to which health insurance plan will best fit your budget and lifestyle. Getting a plan can be easy if you know how it works. Boost your confidence when shopping in the marketplace by learning what common health insurance words mean.

Try to take your time comparing plan options to find the right coverage for you, your family, or even your small business. Before you’re ready to pick a health plan, here’s what else you should consider about getting health insurance.

Find the Right Doctor

How do you know which Primary Care Provider (PCP) is right for you? Find a PCP you can trust; it can help make you feel comfortable asking questions about your health concerns. Don’t forget your PCP should also be in-network so you can avoid out-of-pocket costs.

Ask family and friends to recommend someone you might like. If you need more help choosing a PCP, here are tips on how to find the right one today!

Manage Medications

Medicine has the power to treat our conditions, but if taken improperly it can’t do its job. Follow your doctor’s instructions if you’re prescribed medication, and make sure you know how it works.

Managing medications can be easy if you know how to take them safely and effectively to get you back to your best health. Keep your condition from worsening and your medical bills from piling up, and avoid having to make extra trips to the doctor. Use these tips to remember how best to take your medication.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Take care of your body and your body will take care of you. It’s never too late to shed bad habits you may have formed over time. Whether you want to improve your eating habits, exercise regularly, manage stress, or quit smoking, take measures now that might turn out to be preventive later.

That way, you can avoid chronic health conditions like obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. Remember, your health starts with you, but you don’t have to manage it alone. Talk to your PCP if you need help getting started.

Get Health Screenings and Checkups

Even if you feel healthy, you should still see your doctor for regular checkups. Your doctor may also suggest certain health screenings based on your family history, age, symptoms, and more. This will help detect health issues early.

It will also help lower your healthcare costs in the long run. Prepare for your next health screening with these helpful tips.



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