First Doctor Visit? Here’s What to Expect

Your first doctor visit can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you prepare and know what to expect. Read on to find out.

November 14, 2017 | HF Healthy Living Team

Are you ready for your first doctor visit? Perhaps you recently switched doctors and are feeling a little tense. If you haven’t taken the steps to choose a doctor, follow some of the quick tips here to make the process easier.

Whatever the case may be, find out what you can expect and how to prepare for a stress-free doctor visit below.

What to Expect from Your Doctor

  • A review of your personal needs: Why do you need a Primary Care Provider (PCP) or doctor? One reason is to go over your personal needs, such as lifestyle habits and family medical history. Your doctor can help you come up with helpful tips specific to your individual needs.
  • The necessary checkups: Your doctor will check your vital signs, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), temperature, and heart rate to make sure you are in good health.
  • A body exam: You can also expect your doctor to examine your heart, lungs, stomach, head, and neck to see if you have any pain or trouble in those areas.
  • Recommendations for health screenings: Based on routine tests and/or your age, your doctor may recommend a health screening for a chronic health issue.
  • Possible follow-up care: Based on your specific health issues, your doctor may coordinate with other healthcare specialists for follow-up care.

Tips to Prepare

There are ways to prepare for a stress-free doctor visit to eliminate the hassle of wait times, cancelled appointments, and more.

  • Write down any questions you have beforehand. Here are six common questions to keep in mind.
  • Know when to visit your doctor. Even if you feel healthy, there are a number of reasons you need to go for a checkup, like knowing your cholesterol numbers, for example.
  • Bring along any necessary information. Make sure you have a valid photo ID, your insurance card and medical history, and a list of the medicines you might be taking.

Now that you’re ready to see your PCP for the first time, learn how to save time and money on healthcare here.

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